Library is equipped with adequate books,latest National and International Journals.

Library Rules

  1. Strict silence must be maintained in the Library.
  2. Reference books may be referred only within the premises of the library. It cannot be taken bythe students from the library at any time.
  3. The library will be kept open on all working days from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. It will remain closed on Sundays and other recognized holidays.
  4. Each student will be supplied with two library tickets. Books will be issued against these ticketsonly. As soon as the book is returned the respective ticket will be returned to the student.
    Loss of library tickets should be brought to the notice of
    librarian immediately. Therespective student is responsible
    for all the books borrowed against her ticket.
  5. If the same book is required bymore than one applicant, it
    will be issued in the order of priority of their application.
  6. All markings, underlines etc. ofbooks are punishable with
    fine or replacement or both.
  7. The student must satisfy herself,whether the book issued to her
    is in sound condition and if the matteris not brought to the notice
    of the librarian, the borrower will beheld responsible for all
    damages to books noticed at the time of their return and they
    have to pay for its replacement.
  8. If a book is lost by a borrower, she must report the loss to the
    principal, she must replace the book and
    if the book is not available, she should pay double the
    cost of the book.
  9. If one book out of a set is lost and cannot be replaced, the cost
    of replacing the whole set will be recovered from the person
    responsible for the loss.
  10. A book may be re-issued to thesame student at her
    request if there is no demand for it from any other student.
  11. The librarian may recollect any bookfrom a student at any time.
  12. Students are prohibited from sub-lending the books.
  13. Absence from the college will not ordinarily be accepted as an
    excuse for delay in the return of books.
  14. Periodicals and other dailies lying on the tables should no case
    be removed from the reading room.
  15. Students doing any damage to any periodicals shall be required
    to make for the loss and be subjected to further disciplinary
  16. Students shall leave their ownbooks at the entrance before
    they enter the library.
  17. All Complaints and suggestionsshould be first made to the
    librarian, who will when necessary refer them to principal.
  18. Students must return all the library books at the end of their
    course or at the time of leaving the college whichever is
    earlier. All dues should be paid.
  19. Transfer certificate and conductcertificate will not be issued
    to students unless all books from them have been returned.